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Reference Details for De Havilland Mosquito cz.1

Book Cover
TitleDe Havilland Mosquito cz.1
AuthorsGretzyngier, Musialkowski
PublisherAJ Press
Types CoveredMosquito II, FB VI, XII, XXX, PR I, PR VIII, PR IX
Cockpit Details
Wheel Well DetailsFB VI p. 61
Other DetailsOpen machine gun bay p. 20, 21, starter trolley connected to port side fuselage p. 35, open cockpit side window p. 41, 61, 50 lb. bombs in bay p. 56, refueling van p. 59, 102, lifting crane p. 63, 90, small car p. 72, bomb loading p. 74, bomb trolleys with 250 lb. bombs p. 87, bicycle, ladder, cans p. 89, tractor with bowser p. 111
Cutaway Drawings
Multiview DrawingsDetailed line drawings of PR I, NF II, B IV, FB VI as separate sheets. Pp. 113-128 side views of prototype W4050, same with Merlin 61 and 71 engines, W4052 with Youngman air brake, W4053 with Bristol 4-gun turret, W0457 B V prototype, NFII w/o exhaust shrouds, PR II, NF II Turbinlite, NF II SCR-720/729 radar, T III, B IV enlarged bomb bay , “High-ball” B IV, PR IV, FB VI with rockets and bombs, FB VI with AI XB ASH radar Colour drawings FB VI p. 136, 138, 141
Generic Camouflage PatternsColour profiles, each type is followed by squadron recognition codes, serial number and page.
II (YP-D DZ228 p. 129; YP-H DZ238 p. 129; EW-L HJ932 p. 130; EW-U DZ749 p. 130; EW-K DZ291 p. 130; EW-P DZ717 p. 30; EW-B DD636 p. 131; EW-T DZ290 back cover)
FB VI (YP-J HX947 p. 129; EW-Y HX863 p. 131; SM-A LR303 p. 134; SM-O HX980 p. 135; SM-B LR313 p. 135; SM-K LR298 p. 135; SM-J LR365 p. 135; SM-K NS887 p. 136; SM-C NS927 p. 136; M NT227 p. 137; N NS844 p. 137; SM-W PZ357 p. 137; SM-O NS887 p. 137; W HP913 p. 138; SM-X NT233 p. 139; SM-P NS887 p. 139; SM-T SZ982 p. 139; SM-R HR113 p. 139; SM-L RS559 p. 140; SM-U PZ383 p. 140; SM-K HR346 p. 140; SM-F PZ335 p. 140; SM-G PZ399 p. 141; SM-M RS528 p. 142; SM-N TA378 p. 142; SM-P NS903 p. 142; SM-V HR162 p. 142; SM-B TA551 p. 143; NS999 p. 143; YP-V HJ675 back cover; SM-C LR328 back cover; SM-B PZ401 inside back cover; SM-E HR145 inside back cover)
PR VIII (DZ424 back cover)
PR IX (A LR412 p. 143)
XII (EW-H HK111 p. 131; EW-X HK233 p. 131)
XXX (EW-S NT280 p. 132; EW-V MV561 p. 132; EW-W NT259 p. 132; EW-J NT267 p. 132; EW-Z NT268 p. 133; EW-D NT261 p. 133; EW-O MT497 p. 133; EW-I NT526 p. 133; EW-E MV563 p. 134)
Generic Markings Patterns
Specific Markings Profiles
NotesNot a walk around type publication, but rather an overview of the type, including nice period photos (mostly B&W), as well as several very nice color profile illustrations. Highly recommended.

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