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Reference Details for The Gatefold Book of World War II Airplanes

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TitleThe Gatefold Book of World War II Airplanes
PublisherBarnes & Noble
Types CoveredGERMANY: Bf 109K-4, Bf 110C-4, Fw 190F-2, Fw 200C-1, He 111H-22, Ju 87B-2, Ju 88A-5; ITALY: MC.202, SM.79; JAPAN: A6M5c; SOVIET UNION: IL-2M3, La-5FN, Yak-3; UK: Beaufighter XXI, Blenheim IV, Catalina IVa (PBY-5A) , Halifax VII, Hudson VI, Hurricane IID, Lancaster I, Mosquito PR.34a, Spitfire I, Sunderland II, Typhoon Ib, Wellington III; USA: B-17G, B-24H, B-25D, B-26B, B-29, F6F-5P, P-40E, P-47D-1, P-51D, P-61B, SBD-1
Cockpit Details
Wheel Well Details
Other Details
Cutaway Drawings
Multiview Drawings
Generic Camouflage Patterns
Generic Markings Patterns
Specific Markings ProfilesGERMANY: Bf 109K-4 (p. 25), Bf 110C-4 (p. 26), Fw 190F-2 (p. 11), Fw 200C-1 (p. 12), He 111H-22 (p. 17), Ju 87B-2 (p. 19), Ju 88A-5 (p. 20); ITALY: MC.202 (p. 23), SM.79 (p. 32); JAPAN: A6M5c (p, 27); SOVIET UNION: IL-2M3 (p. 18), La-5FN (p. 21), Yak-3 (p. 36); UK: Beaufighter XXI (p. 4), Blenheim IV (p. 5), Catalina IVa [PBY-5A] (p. 7), Halifax VII (p. 14), Hudson VI (p. 22), Hurricane IID (p. 15), Lancaster I (p. 1), Mosquito PR.34a (p. 9), Spitfire I (p. 34), Sunderland II (p. 33), Typhoon Ib (p. 16), Wellington III (p. 35); USA: B-17G (p. 2), B-24H (p. 6), B-25D (p. 28), B-26B (p. 24), B-29 (p. 3), F6F-5P (p. 13), P-40E (p. 8), P-47D-1 (p. 31), P-51D (p. 29), P-61B (p. 30), SBD-1 (p. 10)
NotesFirst published in UK by Brown Books (1995)

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