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Reference Details for Carrier Air War in Original WWII Color: US Navy Air Combat 1939-1945

Book Cover
TitleCarrier Air War in Original WWII Color: US Navy Air Combat 1939-1945
AuthorsLawson, Tillman
PublisherMotorbooks International
Types CoveredF6F, SBC, SB2C, SBD, TBD, BT, SBU, F2A, F4F, SB2U, PBM, XPB2M (PB2M), PBY, O2C, OS2U, Schweizer LNS, JF, JRS, R3D, XTBF (TBF), XF5F (F5F), XJD (JD, A-26), J2F, JRF, VJ, SO3C Seamew, PH, AE (HE, NE, L-4, Piper Cub), TBY (TBU) Seawolf, PB4Y-1 (B-24D), F4U, Sikorsky HNS Hoverfly helicopter, Budd RB-1 Conestoga. JM (B-26), R4D, J4F Widgeon, XPBB (PBB) Ranger, JRF Goose, PBJ-1H (B-25H), PV-1 Ventura, RY (transport version of PB4Y-2), PV-2 Horpoon, A6M5, J2M3, F8F, SC Seahawk, F7F, R5D, Stearman N2S, F2A, F3F, SNJ, SNC Falcon, N3N, SNV Valiant, F4B, F3D Skyknight, Sikorsky S51 helicopter, Ryan XFR-1 (FR) Fireball, XF5U (F5U), AJ Savage, XFJ (FJ) Fury, XFD (FD)
Cockpit DetailsSBD-5 pilot seat (p. 56)
Wheel Well Details
Other DetailsF4F-4 landing gear & propeller (p. 57); F4U-1D wing gun bays (p. 137); SB2C wing braces (p. 34); SBD-3 canopy (p. 110), cowl (p. 110), propeller & spinner (p. 110), rear gun (p. 41); SBD-4 rear gun (p. 43); SBD-5 canopy & engine mounts (p. 56); TBF-1 [TBM-1] canopy (p. 47), cowl (p. 47, 119), engine front (p. 119), landing gear & doors (p. 47, 119), rear gun turret (p. 97); TBM-3E cowl (p. 130)
Cutaway Drawings
Multiview Drawings
Generic Camouflage PatternsPHOTOS of Martlet I wing camouflage pattern (p. 36) & SBD-5 North Atlantic scheme (p. 74)
Generic Markings Patterns
Specific Markings Profiles

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