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Reference Details for V-Missiles of the Third Reich: The V-1 and the V-2

Book Cover
TitleV-Missiles of the Third Reich: The V-1 and the V-2
PublisherMonogram Aviation Publications
Types CoveredFi 103 (V-1) missile, A3 missile, A4 (V-2) missile, A5 missile, He 111E, Argus As 292 drone, FZG 43 drone, Go 145, DFS 230, Bf 110C, He 111H, HDP long-range gun (V-3), Rheinbote missile (V-4), He 162, He 177, Fi 103R "Reichenberg" [piloted V-1]
Cockpit Details
Wheel Well Details
Other DetailsFi 103A-1 [V-1] missile (p. 250, 251)
Cutaway DrawingsA4 [V-2] missile (p. 61), A4B [V-2] missile (p. 214), A9 missile (p. 170), piloted A9 missile (p. 264), Fi 103A-1 [V-1] missile (p. 124, 189, 191, 192)
Multiview DrawingsFi 103A-1 [V-1] missile (p. 189, 190, 191, 334), Fi 103R "Reichenberg" [piloted V-1] (p. 257), Rheinbote missile [V-4] (p. 62, 266)
Generic Camouflage PatternsA4 [V-2] missile (p. 330); Fi 103A-1 [V-1] missile (p. 190, 191), Fi 103R "Reichenberg" [piloted V-1] (p. 257)
Generic Markings PatternsA4 [V-2] missile (p. 329); Fi 103 {V-1] missile (p. 321)
Specific Markings ProfilesA4 [V-2] missile (p. 1, 326, 328, 331, 332); Fi 103V-91 [prototype V-1] missile (p. 316), Fi 103A-1 [V-1] missile (p. 1, 285, 289, 322), Fi 103B-2 [V-1] missile (p. 290), Fi 103F-1 [V-1] missile (p. 318), Fi 103M [V-1] missile (p. 316), Fi 103R "Reichenberg" [piloted V-1] (p. 322), Fi 103Re-3 "Reichenberg" [two-seat piloted V-1] (p. 252, 257)

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