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Reference Details for Aircraft for the Royal Air Force

Book Cover
TitleAircraft for the Royal Air Force
PublisherFaber and Faber
Types CoveredArmstrong Whitworth Albemarle; Saro R.5/39, Saro R.14/40, Saro R.2/48 (P.162), Saro S37 "Shrimp", Saro S39, Saro S39A, Saro S40, Saro S42, Saro S42A; Short Shetland; Supermarine Spitfire III, Spitfire IV, Spitfire XII;
Cockpit Details
Wheel Well Details
Other Details
Cutaway DrawingsSaro R.14/40 (p. 127), Saro S42 (p. 135)
Multiview DrawingsSaro R.5/39 (p. 108, 109), Saro R.14/40 (p. 126), Saro R.2/48 [P.162] (p. 163), Saro S37 "Shrimp" (p. 111, 148), Saro S39 (p. 117, 125), Saro S39A (p. 122), Saro S40 (p. 123), Saro S42A (p. 134), Short Shetland patrol bomber (p. 137), civilian Shetland (p. 158)
Generic Camouflage Patterns
Generic Markings Patterns
Specific Markings ProfilesAlbemarle Troop Carrier/Special Transport ST.I (p. 77, 84), Albemarle Glider Tug/Troop Carrier GT.I (p. 92), Albemarle GT.IIA (p. 95), Albemarle GT.V (p. 97), Shetland GR.I, (p. 140), Spitfire XII (p. 39)
NotesIncludes serial numbers of all Albermarle, Shetland, and Spitfire XII aircraft

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