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Reference Details for White Eagles: The Aircraft, Men and Operations of the Polish Air Force, 1918-1939

Book Cover
TitleWhite Eagles: The Aircraft, Men and Operations of the Polish Air Force, 1918-1939
AuthorsBelcarz, Pęczkowski
Types CoveredAEG A.IV, Albatros B.II, Albatros B.IIa, Albatros C.I, Albatros C.III, Albatros C.X, Albatros C.XII, Albatros D.III, Albatros D.V, Albatros J.I, Albatros XV, Ansaldo A.1, Ansaldo A.300-3, Ansaldo A.300-4, Avia BH.33, Avro 504K, Bartel BM-4a, Bartel BM-4h, Bartel BM-5b, Bartel BM-5d, Bartel BM-6a, Brandenburg B.I, Brandenburg C.I, Breguet A.2, Breguet XIV (Br.XIV), Breguet XIX (Br.XIX), Camel, CAMS.30E, Cant Z.506B, Caudron C.III, Caudron G.III, CWL 18, D-1 Cykacz, DFW C.V, DFX C.V, DH9, F2B (Bristol Fighter), Fairey Battle, Fairey Seal, Farman Goliath, Fokker D.VII, Fokker E.V, Fokker F.VIIB/3m, Friedrichshafen FF.33E, Friedrichshafen G.IIIa, Gotha G.IV, Halberstadt C.V, Halberstadt CL.II, Hannover CL.II, Hannover CL.V, Hanriot HD.14, Hanriot HD.19, Hanriot HD.28, Hanriot HD.28 with V-tail, Hanriot HD.28S, Hurricane I, Ilya Muromets Type D, Latham 43HB2, LeO H.13B, LeO H.135B3, Lloyd C.II, Lloyd C.IV, Lloyd C.V, Lübeck-Travemunde F.4, Lubin R-VIII, Lubin R-VIIIa, Lubin R-VIIIbis, Lubin R-VIIIter, Lubin R-X, Lubin R-XIII, Lubin R-XIIIB, Lubin R-XIIIC, Lubin R-XIIID, Lubin R-XIIIF, Lubin R-XIIIt, Lubin R-XIV, Lubin R-XVIb, Lubin R-XX, LVG C.V, LVG C.VI, LWS-3/I, LWS-3/II, LWS-4a, LWS-14b, Macchi M.9 (Nieuport-Macchi M.9), Martinsyde Buzzard, MS.30, MS.35, Nieuport 11, Nieuport 17, Nieuport 24bis, Nieuport 80, Nieuport 81, Nieuport 83, Nikol A-2, Oeffag C.II, Oeffag D.III, Potez XV, Potez XXV, Potez XXVII, PWS-A, PWS-5T2, PWS-10, PWS-12, PWS-16, PWS-16bis, PWS-18 (Avro 621), PWS-19, PWS-26, PWS-33/I, PZL 12H, PZL L-2, PZL P-1, PZL P-6, PZL P-7a, PZL P-8, PZL P-11a, PZL P-11c, PZL P-23/III, PZL P-23A Karas, PZL P-23B Karas, PZL P-24B, PZL P-37A Los, PZL P-37B Los, PZL P-38/I Wilk, PZL P-38/II Wilk, PZL P-42, PZL P-46 Sum, Roland CL.II, Rumpler C.I, Rumpler C.IV, RWD-8, RWD-13, RWD-14, RWD-17W, Salmson 2A2, Saro N186, Schreck FBA, SE5a, Sopwith 1-1/2 Strutter, SPAD VII, SPAD XIII, SPAD 51, SPAD 61, Spitfire Ia, SVA.5, SVA.10, Wibault 70, WZ-X
Cockpit DetailsPWS-10 (p. 125), PZL P-23B Karas (p. 165, 169)
Wheel Well Details
Other Details
Cutaway Drawings
Multiview Drawings
Generic Camouflage Patterns
Generic Markings Patterns
Specific Markings ProfilesAlbatros B.IIa (p. 274, 275), Albatros C.III (p. 258), Albatros C.XII (p. 258), Albatros D.III (p. 261), Albatros J.I (p. 258), Ansaldo A.1 (p. 262), Ansaldo A.300-4 (p. 258), Avia BH.33 (p. 263), Bartel BM-4a (p. 276), Bartel BM-4h (p. 276), Brandenburg B.I (p. 275), Brandenburg C.I (p. 260), Breguet XIV [Br.XIV] (p. 259, 268), Breguet XIX [Br.XIX] (p. 268, 269), Camel (p. 261), Cant Z.506B (p. 278), Caudron C.III (p. 275), DFW C.V (p. 257), DFX C.V (p. 257), DH9 (p. 258), F2B [Bristol Fighter] (p. 257), Fairey battle (p. 278), Farman Goliath (p. 271), Fokker D.VII (p. 262, 263), Fokker E.V (p. 263), Fokker F.VIIB/3m (p. 269), Friedrichshafen G.IIIa (p. 271), Gotha G.IV (p. 271), Hannover CL.II (p. 258), Hannnover CL.V (p. 258), Hanriot HD.14 (p. 276), Hurricane I (p. 278), LeO H.135B2 (p. 272), Lloyd C.II (p. 257), Lubin R-VIIIbis (p. 275), Lubin R-VIIIter (p. 274), Lubin R-XIIID (p. 260), LVG C.V (p. 259), LWS-4a (p. 272), LWS-14b (p. 267), Macchi M.9 [Nieuport-Macchi M.9] (p. 274), Martinsyde Buzzard (p. 263), Nieuprot 80E2 (p. 275), Oeffag C.II (p. 259), Potez XV (p. 269), Potez XXV (p. 269), Potez XXVII (p. 269), PWS-10 (p. 264), PWS-16 (p. 276), PWS-18 [Avro 621] (p. 276), PWS-26 (p. 277), PZL P-7a (p. 264, 265), PZL P-11a (p. 265, 266), PZL P-11c (p. 266, 267), PZL P-23A Karas (p. 271), PZL P-23B Karas (p. 270, 271), PZL P-37A Los (p. 272), PZL P-37B Los (p. 272, 273), Rumpler C.II (p. 257), RWD-8 (p. 277), Salmson 2A2 (p. 260), Schreck FBA (p. 274), SE5a (p. 261), SPAD VII (p. 261), SPAD XIII (p. 261, 262), SPAD 51 (p. 263), SPAD 61 (p. 263), Spitfire Ia (p. 278), SVA.10 (p. 259), Wibault 70 (p. 263)

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