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Reference Details for B-25 Mitchell: The Magnificent Medium

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TitleB-25 Mitchell: The Magnificent Medium
Types CoveredFokker Super Universal, Berliner-Joyce XP-16 (P-16), GA-43, NA-16, BT-9, NA-21 Dragon, NA-73X (P-51 prototype), B-2, XB-8 (B-8), B-10, B-18, DB-7 (A-20), Boeing-Stearman XA-21 (A-21), Maryland, NA-40, B-26, XB-28 (B-28), F-10 (photo-recon B-25), PBJ
Cockpit DetailsB-25A instrument panel & forward side panels (p. 33), bombardier's position (p. 41); B-25G cannoneer's position & gunsight (p. 51); B-25H instrument panel & side panels (p. 54), waist gunner position (p. 56), tail gunner position (p. 57), interior layout (p. 57); PBJ instrument panel (p. 67); B-25 Transports (p. 133, 137, 140)
Wheel Well Details
Other DetailsB-25 fuselage sub-asemblies (p. 27), dorsal turret (p. 38), ventral turret (p. 40); B-25A tail turret (p. 32), engine bay (p. 168); B-25C engine bay (p. 168); XB-25E engine & cowl (p. 45); B-25G 75mm gun (p. 49); B-25J nose gun (p. 63), 8-gun nose (p. 64), underwing rockets (p. 120); PBJ-1D nose radar (p. 66), blister guns (p. 67)
Cutaway DrawingsB-25H (p. 59)
Multiview DrawingsNA-40B (p. 23), B-25 (p. 162, 163, 166, 167, 182-184)
Generic Camouflage Patterns
Generic Markings Patterns
Specific Markings ProfilesB-25 markings in USAAF (p. 175-177, 180), Soviet (p. 178), and RAF (p. 179, 180) service

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