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Reference Details for The Official Monogram US Navy & Marine Corps Aircraft Color Guide. Vol 4: 1960-1993

Book Cover
TitleThe Official Monogram US Navy & Marine Corps Aircraft Color Guide. Vol 4: 1960-1993
PublisherMonogram Aviation Publications
Types CoveredFIXED-WING AIRCRAFT: A-1, A-3, A-4, A-6, A-7, AV-8, C-1, C-47, C-117, C-118, C-131, CT-39, DC-130, E-1, E-2, EA-6, EKA-3, EP-3, F-1 (FJ), F-4 (F4H), F-6 (F4D), F-8, F-9 (F9F-8), F-11, F-14, F/A-18, HU-16, KA-3, KA-6, NOP-2, OV-10, P-3, RA-5, RF-8, RC-45, S-2, S-3, SP-2, SP-5, T-2, T-28, T-34, T-39, TA-4, TC-4, TS-2, U-1, U-6, U-11, UC-45, US-2, VC-118, WP-3; HELICOPTERS: AH-1, CH-46, CH-53, H-3, HRS-3, HSS-1, HUP-2, UH-1, US-2, SH-2, SH-3, TH-57, UH-1, UH-46, XH-51A
Cockpit DetailsFIXED-WING AIRCRAFT: E-2B radar consoles (p. 33); HELICOPTERS: CH-46D passenger compartment (p. 27)
Wheel Well DetailsA-3 (p. 20)
Other DetailsFIXED-WING AIRCRAFT: C-130 engine bay (p. 179); HELICOPTERS: UH-34 rocket pod (p. 184)
Cutaway Drawings
Multiview Drawings
Generic Camouflage PatternsFIXED-WING AIRCRAFT: A-4 (p. 140), A-6 (p. 134, 155), A-7 (p. 155), AV-8 (p. 140, 157), F/A-18 (p. 162); HELICOPTERS: CH-46E (p. 165, 167)
Generic Markings PatternsFIXED-WING AIRCRAFT: AV-8B (p. 175), F-4 (p. 105), F/A-18 (p. 162), OV-10 (p. 139), T-2 (p. 139), T-28 (p. 139), T-34 (p. 154) [Also: GENERIC dimensions and wing location of national insignia (p. 85)]; HELICOPTERS: H-3 (p. 139, 175)
Specific Markings ProfilesFIXED-WING AIRCRAFT: A-4B (p. 121), A-6E (p. 134), A-7E (p. 114, 182), AV-8A (p. 88), C-130F (p. 112), E-1B (p. 47), E-2C (p. 102), F-4B [F4H-1] (p. 127), F-5E (p. 156), F-14 (p. 152), F-16 (p. 160), F/A-18 (p. 77, 91, 197), OV-10C (p. 62), RF-8G [F-8] (p. 43), P-3C (p. 178), S-2 (p. 174), T-2B (p. 50), T-28B (p. 110), T-39G (p. 86); HELICOPTERS: AH-1 (p. 163), CH-46E (p. 165), SH-3H (p. 107), UH-1E (p. 54)
NotesIncludes paint-chip color chart

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