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Reference Details for Beaufighter Aces of World War 2

Book Cover
TitleBeaufighter Aces of World War 2
Types CoveredBristol Beaufighter
Cockpit Detailsp. 8
Wheel Well Details
Other DetailsFour-machine-gun turret p. 19
Cutaway Drawings
Multiview Drawingsp. 88-90
Generic Camouflage PatternsColour profiles, each type is followed by squadron recognition codes, serial number and page.
IC (WR-X T4843 p. 41; Z T5271 p. 41; PN-A T3250 p. 41; XK-? T3317 p. 42; EH-G A19-40 p. 45)
IF (ZK-H R2069 p. 36; RO-B V8324 p. 36; WM-E X7583 p. 37; WP-D X7671 p. 37; S X8447 p. 38; FK-J R2204 p. 40; TJ-Z X7677 p. 42; BQ-Z T4628 p. 44; NG-O T4637 p. 44; B X7750 p. 45)
IIF (KP-K T3145 p. 43; RX-B T3017 p. 43)
VIC (P JL519 p.40)
VIF (Q ND243 p. 36; WM-K ND211 p. 37; ZJ-R V8748 p. 38; VA-S V8515 p. 38; V8694 p. 39; ND220 p. 39; FK-L V8881 p. 40; YD-P X7966 p. 42; HU-T KW103 p. 43; 6-Y V8388 p. 44; NG-C MM856 p. 45)
X (M LZ157 p. 39
Generic Markings Patterns
Specific Markings Profiles

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