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Reference Details for Sturmstaffel 1: Reich Defense 1943-1944 The War Diary

Book Cover
TitleSturmstaffel 1: Reich Defense 1943-1944 The War Diary
AuthorsMombeek, Forsyth, Creek
PublisherClassic Publications
Types CoveredFw 190A-4, Fw 190A-6, Fw 190A-7, Fw 190A-8
Cockpit Details
Wheel Well DetailsFw 190A-8 (p. 30)
Other DetailsFw 190A-6 canopy armor glass (p. 70); Fw 190A-7 cowl guns (p. 29); Fw 190A-8 canopy armor glass (p. 34), fuselage armor (p. 34), Mk 108 30 mm wing cannon (p. 45), ventral ETC 501 rack & 300 liter droptank (p. 31)
Cutaway DrawingsFw 190A-6 (p. 51), Fw 190A-7 (p. 56, 57), Fw 190A-7 & Fw 190A-8 [weapon systems only] (p. 53)
Multiview DrawingsFw 190A-6 (p. 52), Fw 190A-7 (p. 56, 57)
Generic Camouflage Patterns
Generic Markings Patterns
Specific Markings ProfilesFw 190A-6 (p. 50, 54), Fw 190A-7 (p. 55, 58, 59)
NotesSome of the author's books spell his name as "Mombeek" whereas others use "Mombeeck"(!); this one uses "Mombeek."

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