Silver Wings Planned Releases for 2013/2014

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We would like to thank everyone who took part in our recent poll regarding possible future releases for Silver Wings. We were pleased to have a great number of votes which helped us to choose subjects that you, our customers and friends, would like to see. As we have mentioned previously, we are working towards the ability to release kits in injected plastic in addition to our existing resin kit line. Of course, this is not easy, and although we continue to make progress, we still cannot say for certain which of these kits will be released in resin, and which will be released in injected plastic. That being said, it is indeed our goal to release some of the more "mainstream" kits in injected plastic.

Accordingly, Silver Wings is pleased to announce our next 12 planned releases for 2013/2014:

  1. 1:32 Polikarpov I-153 Chaika (January/February 2013)
  2. 1:32 Bristol Bulldog (February/March 2013)
  3. 1:32 Hawker Demon
  4. 1:32 Vought OS2U Kingfisher
  5. 1:32 Fiat G.50
  6. 1:32 Boeing Stearman
  7. 1:32 PZL P.11
  8. 1:32 Fokker DXXI
  9. 1:32 Yak 9
  10. 1:32 Lavotchkin La5
  11. 1:32 Fiat CR.20
  12. 1:32 Heinkel He-112

Some of you may note that one subject we had previously hinted at producing, a 1:32 Curtiss P6-E is missing from this list. We had indeed planned to release this kit, but it would have been in resin. An injected plastic kit manufacturer was kind enough to contact us about this subject, and expressed their desire to release an injected plastic kit of this subject. Being modelers ourselves, we know that most of our customers would prefer to have a lower-cost injected plastic kit of the P6-E rather than a more expensive resin kit of the same subject. Accordingly, we have dropped this subject from our planned release listing, and along with many of you, hope to see an excellent injected plastic 1:32 Curtiss P6-E in the future. Note that if for some reason the injected plastic kit manufacturer decides not to pursue releasing this kit, we will certainly add it back to our planned list.

We hope that you, our customers and friends, are excited as we at Silver Wings are about these future releases. Due to the excellent response we received from our future release poll, we plan to do more of these in the future and will ask you to vote on planned kit marking options, etc. Be sure to visit our website for the latest information about these new releases, and to see our existing products.


The Silver Wings Team

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