Press Release: Database Application for Scale Modellers (Update)

Information supplied by Gary Marples

A significant update to Suisoft's Kitbase is now available. KitBase allows scale modellers to record their kits and accessories in a structured way and find them again using interactive sorting and filtering. Users can now import data via an Excel Compatible format, allowing those with large collections recorded in Excel to try out KitBase with their data.

The new release is free to existing owners and also includes:

The updated version or a free trial can be downloaded from:

KitBase will run on any reasonably modern PC (Windows XP or above).

Company Information:

Suisoft is a one man, independent software company based in the UK.

Gary Marples, Director/Developer

Suisoft Limited
33 George Street, Wakefield, WF1 1LX, England.
Suisoft Limited is registered in England and Wales (company no: 6391633).

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