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Information supplied by Chris Wilson

The good news:

I am happy to announce the release of more new products:

1/32 APU-60-2 Dual Aphid Launch Rails as carried on the MiG-23 and MiG-21

1/32 MiG-29 Forward Intake Correction. These parts are designed to be used with the previous MiG-29 Correction set. They replace the entire forward intake as well as the forward engine tunnel included in the previous correction set. The full length intakes are now included in the full correction set and are also available to previous correction set customers. The intakes are currently discounted to $28 per pair until November 1st when will go up to $36. Either way this is a great price for such large and detailed parts. The intakes also come in a special vacuumformed packaging tray for protection during shipping.

1/32 MiG-29UB Correction set. This set includes the parts from the previous MiG-29A set needed to correct the MiG-29UB, including the new intakes. The chaff dispensers, nosecone and other un-needed parts are omitted to reduce the price.

The bad news:

The 1/32 A-7 Corsair II sets are in limbo...
There was a problem with my vacuumform vendor and the last batch of canopies was bad. I am currently waiting for my tools to be returned and I will be making the canopies myself.

If you want to be on the waiting list please send me an e-mail. I will contact those on the list as soon as they are available again.

Future releases include:

I have a request...

If you wish to order more than one item, please e-mail me a list rather than ordering directly from my website so I can give you discounted/combined shipping.

Please include a list of the items you want and how many of each. Also let me know if it is shipping domestic (U.S., Mexico and Canada) or international.

I will then send you a custom Paypal invoice with the discounted shipping for you to place the order. Yes, this is more work for me but I don’t want to overcharge for shipping. I do send shipping refunds to those who just order multiples on my website but I am always falling behind.

Thank you for supporting Zactomodels!

Chris Wilson (a.k.a. Zactoman)

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