IDF/AF HAS & Taxiway (4 scales)

Information supplied by Noy Pines

I've added a new offering to the Noy's Miniatures range: IDF/AF HAS (Hardened Aircraft Shelter) & Taxiway. It is offered in the popular 1/32, 1/48, 1/72 & 1/144 scales.

Based on actual reference, this unique and innovative print authentically captures the complex concrete surfaces of a contemporary Israeli Air Force HAS and vicinity.

As the dimensions reveal, item is large enough to take photos of the models without showing the edges.

Item no. 144031 "IDF/AF HAS & Taxiway": A single 1/144 sheet as follows:

Item no. 7231 "IDF/AF HAS & Taxiway": A single 1/72 sheet as follows:

Item no. 4831 "IDF/AF HAS & Taxiway": A single 1/48 sheet as follows:

Item no. 3231 "IDF/AF HAS & Taxiway": A single 1/32 sheet as follows:

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