Barracuda Studios New Products Announcement - July 2016

Information supplied by Roy Sutherland

Barracuda Studios is proud to announce the release of 7 decal sheets and 3 new resin sets.

Bf 109G-6 and G-14 Part 1

This new decal sheet is now available in 1/72nd, 1/48th and 1/32nd scale. It features 7 new aircraft not available in decal form before. The selection includes both European and Russian front subjects, sporting an interesting range of color schemes. Exhaustively researched by Anders Hjortsberg, who also created the beautiful profile artwork, they represent the latest thinking in German colors and markings.

The sheets also contain a very complete set of external stencilling and the full color instructions that give detailed explanations of each subject.

Spitfire Mk. VIII Part 1

This decal sheet is being printed for the first time in 1/72nd scale, just in time for the brand New Eduard 1/72nd Spitfire Mk VIII that is sure to be released soon after the new 1/72nd Mk IX kit that was released last week. They will also work for the AZ or Hasegawa versions of the Mk VIII.

This sheet has now been brought back by popular demand in 48th and 32nd scales.

This sheet contains markings for five Spitfires operated by 3 different air forces in 3 different theatres! In 48th and 72nd scale, there is a bonus sixth aircraft. The sheets are thoroughly researched and beautifully printed by Cartograf. The decals also include a complete set of external stencils including cockpit door stencils and even bomb markings.

BC32010 P-51D Cockpit Stencils and Placards 1/32nd scale

This sheet provides a complete set of stencils and placards for the cockpit of the P-51D. Over 100 tiny decals recreate the extensive markings found in the cockpit, from the North American Data Plates down to the tiny PULL marking on the droptank release handle. Instrument faces are not included, but everything else is. Even the battery and radios behind the seat bulkhead are covered in this set. Most stencils are readable and accurately recreate the real markings. A simple but spectacular upgrade for the Mustang's large and highly visible cockpit. Designed for the Tamiya kit, but will work with just about any 1/32nd scale P-51D.

Sold out for the last few months, this sheet has now been reprinted due to popular demand.

New Resin Detail Sets

We are also excited to release these three new sets designed for the Revell 1/32nd Bf-109G-6 and G-10 kits. They can also be adapted for the Hasegawa or other 109G or K kits in 1/32nd scale.

BR32223 Bf-109G-2 Thru G-10 Seat - No Belts 1/32nd Scale

Super detailed, accurate Bf 109G type seatpan & rear bulkhead to replace kit parts with molded-in belts in the recent Revell Germany Bf109G-6 and G-14 kits. The kits have a very rudimentary set of belts molded to the seat back and pan which are difficult to remove. Just add seatbelts of your choosing to complete the cockpit. A simple to install one piece casting. Master pattern by Mike Kirchoff.

BR32224 Bf-109G-2 Thru G-10 Seat with Belts 1/32nd Scale

This set consists of a super detailed Bf 109G type seatpan & rear bulkhead with molded in harness to replace kit seat in Revell Germany’s 109G kits. The accurate molded in harness has strong relief and great detail, making it easy to paint. For those of you who don't enjoy fiddling with tiny brass belts or trying to feed even tinier buckles onto foil or fabric belts. Paint it up and your done! It may also be adapted to fit other kits. Master pattern by Mike Kirchoff and Roy Sutherland.

BR32168 Bf 109G Underwing Cannon Gunboats 1/32nd Scale

This set consists of a pair of thoroughly researched and accurate underwing gunpods (kanoneboots) featuring turned brass barrels from the craftsman at Master Model in Poland. These pods are quick and easy to cleanup and install. The barrels can be added at the end of the build to eliminate the possibility of breakage. These 20mm cannon were a common fit to Gustavs of most variants. Master Pattern by Gunnar Jansson.

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