Macchi M.39 Winner 1926 Schneider Trophy in 1/24 scale from Profil24

Information supplied by Jean-Philippe Boyer

After the sucess of the Gloster VI, it's a pleasure to present to you the new available seaplane of Profil 24:

Macchi M39 Winner 1926 Schneider Trophy in 1/24 scale

This small seaplane is great for the 1/24 scale:


Price kit:

Take advantage of our Special Offer: -5% on your Macchi order with the code "Welcome".

Kit: 233.70 euros (instead of 246 euros) & if you live outside the EC: 194.75 euros (instead of 205 euros).

Feel free to contact us for more information,
See you soon,

Alice & Jean-Philippe
47 rue Julien Bodereau
72000 Le Mans - France
Tel/Fax: 33 (0)2 43 76 37 97

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