Barracuda Studios is Proud to Announce 5 New Products

Information supplied by Roy Sutherland

Barracuda Studios is proud to announce 5 new products. They are all up on the website and ready for sale.

For the 1/32nd scale modeler, we have some badly needed Bearcat wheels designed to replace the Trumpeter kit wheels. For the 1/24th scale aficionado, new seats for the Airfix Typhoon kit, with and without belts.

Lastly, our first item in a line of Barracuda Swag. This high quality mousepad will class up any joint!

BR32244: 1/32 scale F8F-1 Bearcat Wheels

Accurate early mainwheels with diamond tread tires and slotted hubs on F8F-1s, including French AF and Blue Angels. Separate caliper, rear brake ring and hubcap allow the internal structure of the wheel to be visible on the assembled wheel. For the Trumpeter Bearcat kits. 1:32 scale. Master patterns by Michael O'Hare.

BR32245: 1/32 scale F8F-2 Late Bearcat Wheels

Accurate late style mainwheels with ribbed tires and cast hubs fitted to F8F-2s, including USN, USMC, most Warbirds and Air Racers. These wheels have also been fitted to some modern Warbird Wildcats. Separate brake rings and calipers add extra relief and detail. Fits all Bearcat kits. 1:48 scale. Master patterns by Michael O'Hare.

BR24200: 1/24 scale Hawker Typhoon Seat - No Belts

Accurate, detailed one piece resin seat with detailed backpad complete with stitching. Seat has added detail such as seams, rivets, strengthening plates and ribs, thinned edges for scale look, and leather guard in the seatpan. The seat is the most visible part of any cockpit. A quick and easy upgrade.

BR24204: 1/24 scale Hawker Typhoon Seat With Late Belts

Contains a one piece resin seat with much extra detail such as rivets, seams, strengthening plates and ribs and leather guard. Seat also features a molded-in accurate late war Q-style harness. The harness is molded in high relief with a slight undercut to make painting a pleasure. As fitted to most later production Bubbletop Typhoons.

BS001: 1/1 scale Mossie Mousepad

This high quality mousepad features a 1/8" thick, heavy duty rubber base with a tightly woven polyester fabric surface. It delivers high speed mousing performance for those marathon Barracuda Studios ordering sessions! The image features a Mosquito PR XVI of 544 Squadron RAF in July of 1944, wearing full D-Day Invasion striping.

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