Barracuda Studios Upgrades for the Airfix 1/24 Typhoon

Information supplied by Roy Sutherland

Barracuda Studios is proud to announce a brand spanking new batch of resin parts.

Airfix has staked their claim once again as a world class producer of kits with this Magnum Opus, the Hawker Typhoon Mk Ib in 1/24th scale. This is a superb kit in every respect. Thoroughly researched and superbly accurate, it is a big, beautiful and amazingly well detailed model. Our sets only add to the level of finesse with detail only possible in resin castings. Take your Tiffie to the next level!

BR24208 Hawker Typhoon Pilot $24.95

Beautifully realized by respected sculptor Mike Good, and representing a mid to late war RAF fighter or fighter-bomber pilot, this new figure is a perfect for the new Airfix 24th scale Typhoon Mk Ib. Will also work for the Mosquito or later Mark Spitfires as well.

BR24201 Typhoon Late Style Mainwheels $11.95

These new resin mainwheels replace the kit wheels. These new wheels feature more and crisper hub detail, as well as full tire beading, logos and data on the tyre sidewalls. There one piece castings avoid fit problems of multi-part wheels; a simple and quick upgrade for your large scale Tiffie. Late style wheels were fitted to all Bubbletop Typhoons and all but early production Cardoor Tiffies.

BR24202 Typhoon Carburettor Intake Ring $5.95

This new resin intake ring directly replaces the kit part, which is well done, but has incorrect spacing between the intake tube and the outer ring due to mold tooling limitations. Our ring is properly proportioned, as well as being thinner and more scale looking. A drop fit installation that will make a nice difference in the finished model. Pattern by Kerry Carlyle.

All sets are now up on the Barracuda website and ready for ordering.

Happy modelling! Roy

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