Airframe Album No 5 - The Bristol Blenheim - A BIGGER Book

Information supplied by Mark Peacock

Airframe Album No 5 - The Bristol Blenheim – A Detailed Guide To The RAF’s First Modern Monoplane Bomber is going to be bigger - a lot bigger. We have found enough material to increase the book to 128 pages plus covers.

This will have an impact on cover price, raising the book to £16.95 per copy RRP but the good news is:

We are now fighting hard to get the book out in time for Scale Modelworld. Wish us luck.

Airframe Detail No 1 - The Blohm & Voss Bv 141 is arriving with us this Thursday and will be shipping before the end of the week. It will also be available along with our other books and products on our stand at Scale Modelworld.

Mark Peacock
Publisher - Valiant Wings Publishing

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