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Trumpeter 1/32 Eurofighter GmbH EF-2000B Typhoon

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Kit Details - Trumpeter 1/32 Eurofighter GmbH EF-2000B Typhoon

Kit NameEurofighter GmbH EF-2000B Typhoon
Kit Number02279
Kit FamilyTrumpeter EF-2000 (2 members)
Notes Multimedia with ECM pods, Meteor BVRAAMs, MBDA Apache anti-runway missiles, IRIS-T ASRAAMs, Taurus K
Markings '30+01', TSLw1 Kaufbeuren, Luftwaffe; '11-04', Spanish Air Force
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Trumpeter - Eurofighter GmbH EF-2000A Typhoon
Kit Number: 02278
Released: 2009

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HMH Publications Aircraft in Detail #006: Eurofighter Typhoon
Author(s): Kevin Williams
Category: Book
Published: 2019

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Eurofighter Typhoon
Author(s): Hawkins
Publisher: HMH Publications
Published: 2019

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