Vintage Fighter Series 1/24 P-47 Thunderbolt

By Garry L. Pritchett

I have always wanted a 1/24 scale P-47 Thunderbolt and was quite excited when Vintage Fighter Series began producing them. When I finally purchased one and started building, I decided to build it out of the box. As I began to build, AMS struck and I started adding extra details in the cockpit. I modified a Fujimi 1/24 scale figure for the pilot because it reminds me of the men who crawled into these aircraft and flew off to battle day after day never knowing if they would survive the day. Unfortunately, when the pilot was installed, none of the extra detailing could be seen. I used brass tubing for the gun blast covers and painted the aircraft with MM paints.

© 2012 Garry Pritchett

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This article was published on Friday, April 27 2012; Last modified on Saturday, May 14 2016