Trumpeter 1/32 MiG-3

By Olivier Barles

"Back to business" with a few pictures of my second 1/32nd Trumpeter MiG-3.

That one is under the markings of the 6th IAP, Pacific Front, in August 1943. Colours come from an interpretation based, like my previous MiG-3, on both the "Modeling the VVS" site by Massimo Tessitori and the fantastic book "Soviet Air Force Fighters Colours".

Good thing is that it gives much more "laxity" to interpret what could have been the tonality of some paintings used to mark the soviet airplanes in those chaotic times of Total War.

Therefore, my "bright blue" and "bottle green" that could look odd... But truth is that "civilian paintings" for cars or tractors were massivley used in order to compensate diminishing stocks of official military ones...

It certainly gives a cool look to this plane that is otherwise, a magnificent pure-breed!

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© Olivier Barles

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