Special Hobby 1/32 Nakajima Ki-27

By Olivier Barles

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To finish with the Nakajima family, here is the Special Hobby Nakajima Ki-27.

This is the last Nakajima WWII Japanese Army fighters I've just built.

Markings represent a plane that flew over the steppes of the Nomonhan in June 1939. Building was good fun except for the canopy that needed some proper adjustments for a good fitting. Painting was also quite interesting as the challenge was to get the right tonality for this "green-grey" Nakajima color. Then, a dusty look but not too pronounced and that was it!

Then, I could not resist to take a few shots of my entire bunch of 1/32 scale Nakajima fighters including, with the Ki-27, the "old" Hasegawa Ki-43 Hayabusa, the recent Hasegawa Ki-44 Shoki and the "prehistoric" Bandai Ki-84 Hayate...

A nice an classy family, isn't it?

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© Olivier Barles

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