Revell P-47D

By Angelo Picardo

This is the Revell kit plus J Rutman's cockpit, cowling, gun ports, bomb racks and undercarriage.

All panel lines re-scribed the cooling gills are made of aluminium cut from a drinks can.

The chequered nose was painted white then the chequered pattern was masked and it was sprayed black. The metal finish was achieved using the Humbrol Metal Cote range. Markings are from the spares box.

When dry, the model was sprayed with "Klear" floor polish and a wash of Raw Umber oil paint diluted with mineral spirits was applied. Exhaust and gun stains were added using Tamiya's Smoke which was matted down with their flat base. This was sprayed on with an airbrush, building up the layers of colour gradually.

The arming propellers on the bombs are punched disks of drink can aluminium which were then cut to shape.

The windscreen and canopy are the ones from the kit dipped in "Klear" to give them a sparkle and, protect them from super glue fumes.

© Angelo Picardo 2005

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