Dragon/Cyber Hobby 1/32 Messerschmitt Bf 109E-4

By Gary Shively

Here are the photos taken of my recent completion from the Aces High group build hosted by LSP. It is Galland's E-4 being greeted by his friends after a mission.

The kit itself was sold to me by a fellow LSP'er and I'm glad to get it done. Yet these aren't the pictures I wanted. These are pictures saved from the recycle bin. I wanted pics with perfect lighting taken perfectly. Alas, the perfect lighting didn't present itself, and the model itself suffered a gravity related catastrophe and awaits repair.

There are a lot of pics. I hope you like them. For more information on making the model, here is my build thread.

Thank you for looking.

© Gary Shively 2024

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This article was published on Saturday, March 30 2024; Last modified on Monday, April 01 2024