HK Models 1/32 Lancaster Mk. B.I Special

By Craig Harris

So here we have the final pics of my mammoth HK models 1:32 Lancaster Mk. B.I Special build.

This is Guy Gibson's ED932 just prior to take off on Operation Chastise May 15-16th 1943. The finished aircraft looks spectacular from a sheer size perspective.

The inaccuracies for a kit costing over £300 are well documented and the fixes I've employed are far too numerous to list fully here. But a few have been:

I've tried to take a few pics of the iconic shots from 1943 prior to the mission and I've included these as a bit of fun.

It's now on its way to a new owner, which is just as well as, with a 1m wingspan, the wife would kill me if I said I was keeping it.

Thanks to:

For those interested, check out my build thread in the Work in Progress forum.

© Craig Harris 2023

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This article was published on Saturday, December 02 2023; Last modified on Sunday, December 03 2023