Trumpeter 1/32 F-105D Thunderchief

By Chris Vandegrift

I have finally completed my vignette for the Kentucky Aviation Heritage Museum!

This is a forced perspective of Billy Spark's THUD coming in at 50' and having to lift up over the rice paddy berms on their runs.

The kit itself is built pretty much out of the box. To create Billy Sparks' aircraft, I removed the spine behind the collision lite back to the fin, filled in the gun ports, and removed the antennas from the fin as well.

I used plasti-card to create the intakes and eliminate the giant void there, removed the stiffener plates under the wings, removed the gun camera, lowered the cowling and created the electronics that go on the cowling.

For more information on the build, please check out my thread in the Work in Progress forum.

© Chris Vandegrift 2023

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This article was published on Saturday, October 21 2023; Last modified on Sunday, October 22 2023