Czech Model/Special Hobby 1/32 F-80 Shooting Star

By Jindřich Kulhavý

1:32 Model F- 80 Shooting Star, Cold War 1948.

I saw an interesting F- 80 Shooting Star camouflage in FLUGZEUG Special 64 magazine and immediately started working. The magazine article describes the difficult beginnings of the F-80s at Fürstenfeldbruck airfield, the beginning of the Cold War. In mid-August 1948, there was a formation parade flew over the US base Grafenwöhr, 32 aircraft, all F-80 Shooting Stars.

This base is not far from the border and occasionally during the flights the planes moved close to the border. The pilots from the airport USAF AB Fürstenfeldbruck had the slogan, "ONLY EIGHT MINUTES AWAY FROM THE REDS !!!" When losing orientation, the planes came close or even for a few minutes crossed the "Iron Curtain" border and the military defense of the state of Czechoslovakia was immediately activated.

I used Tamiya paints and self-made decals.

© Jindřich Kulhavý 2023

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