ICM 1/32 I-16 Type 10

By Jaroslaw Latalski

My first model I am posting on LSP is the Polikarpov I-16 by ICM.

The picture of this particular plane can be found on page 29 of Squadron/Signal’s Polikarpov Fighters In Action Pt. 2, #162. The back cover also has color artwork of the aircraft.

The model is referenced as a Type 10 but considering details such as the different propeller serious doubts arise. Following a discussion found on kitchecker.com model journal I'm inclined to the view this is a Type 18. So, by kitbashing two kits, I had all necessary elements.

The model is rather simple, as the I-16 plane is. I made it out of the box except for Eduard's harness and ski rigging.

Hope you like her!

© Jaroslaw Latalski 2023

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This article was published on Tuesday, April 04 2023; Last modified on Sunday, April 09 2023