I Love Kit/Merit 1/24 Fokker Dr.I

By Artur Kapusta

My wife just loves red Fokkers, so I am going through terra incognita (building more-than-one-wing airplanes) again. This time with new Fokker Dr.1 from Merit.

Because the wings are almost flat, it would be difficult to make a wash. So, I had to cheat with painting - making 3d out of 2D. First RLM78, then two hours of masking and a quick run with RLM78 mixed with a drop of XF-52. I liked what I saw after removing of the masking.

After painting streaking camo with oils.

I bought the Gaspatch Spandau MG's – they are beautiful!

With watercolor pencils I have painted the propeller. Now I will overspray it with clear orange and I hope it will do the trick.

The satin turned out too gloss, so I coated it with a thin layer of flat. This turned out with a much more scale satin finish.

Check out more in my thread in the Air Superiority Group Build Forum.


© Artur Kapusta 2021

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This article was published on Friday, June 04 2021; Last modified on Friday, June 04 2021