Trumpeter 1/32 F-14D

By Marcel Hohl

I finally finished this Tomcat; phew! Definitely the most challenging project I have completed, there are modifications big and small required for about every assembly step (so no point documenting them all). But now that I have her done; I am really pleased with the result.

Believe it or not I spent a full day just trying to get the sheen of the skunk stripe to look right... which is a little glossier than the surrounding gray, but not totally glossy either.

I replaced that funny looking braided wiring.

I think it is important to look at the exact airframe that is being modelled and replicate what you see. This particular Tomcat was pretty clean from a distance but pretty patchy from close-up. But any more worn than this would not be an accurate depiction of this jet with these specific markings.

For more information, check out my thread in the Work in Progress Forum.

© Marcel Hohl 2020

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This article was published on Saturday, November 14 2020; Last modified on Sunday, November 15 2020