Trumpeter 1/32 A-10A Thunderbolt II

By Luc Janssen

This Trumpeter kit is an older one and it is definitely not Trumpeter’s best. The parts are rather crude, composed more difficultly and not very accurate. Furthermore, the fit of the different parts is not good and a lot of putty together with sanding- and scribing work is needed.

I opted for a A-10A in a the two-tone gray scheme with some flying time, so some weathering and dirt build-up can be simulated. The model is not equipped for an attack mission, but for a travel trip. With after market sets from Cutting Edge, I improved the details and the looks of the cockpit, the canopy, the engines and the wheels.

I added some details and wiring on the landing gear and gave some detail to its bays. The sides of the flaps were improved and the actuators added. In the flap housings the airframe ribs were installed, but unfortunately nothing can be seen once the model is placed on a base plate. The ACMI-pod was scratch built from a Sidewinder body and the baggage pod was made from a napalm bomb from the kit. The base was kept simple, but some wheel chocks and boxes lying around were added to create some colour.

After Market Sets

Following sets were added:


I used paints from Alclad, Humbrol, ModelMaster, Vallejo and Model Air.


Decals came from:


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