Dragon 1/32 Bf 110D/E Nightfighter Converted to Romanian Bf 110F-4

By Florin Silaghi

Bf 110 F-4 night fighter (W.Nr. 5084 / 2Z + AW) flown under Romanian colors by Ion Simion and Constantin Octavian of Escadrilla 51 Vanatoare (12./NJG 6) from Otopeni, Romania in June 1944.

After a long period of inactivity, I managed to finish a project I started a year and a half ago. Again, I chose a difficult path, because nothing is known about this plane, except for a photo with a brief description. But I hope I managed to bring this subject to life.

As a kit, I used a Dragon, D / E variant, to which I completely riveted the airframe with Rosie the riveter, added a FuG202 from Gaspatch, guns from Master and used Eduard’s BigEd set. The painting is done entirely with MRP and using AIMS superb sets, Radu Brinzan's decals for the Romanian crosses and masks for AW from my good friend Catalin Botescu.

I hope you enjoy.

© Florin Silaghi 2020

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