HobbyBoss 1/32 B-24D

By Gary Fowkes

Here am I again with yet another 1/32 Liberator, built from the HobbyBoss kit, this time it's the 'D'.

Built almost straight from the box; I did add belts, .50 cals from Master Models, national insignia stencils from DN-Models and standard stencils from Profimodeller.

I painted it with Gunze Acrylics and Lacquer paints and weathered with Ammo of Mig washes, etc.

For nose weight, if I'd been making a formation plane I could of painted off the nose glazing and it probably would of been ok with what was recommended in the instructions which is 300g, but as I wanted to be able to see through the cockpit area and not see huge chunks of lead, etc., I had to put it under the navigators area which is a lot further towards the center of gravity. In the end I put almost 600g of weight in, both under the navigator’s area with the last 150g actually inside the navigators area painted interior green so you won't see it.

The build is on my Facebook page.

Loads more photos of the build in my photo album.

© Gary Fowkes 2020

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This article was published on Sunday, May 17 2020; Last modified on Monday, May 18 2020