Trumpeter 1/32 Messerschmitt Me 262A-1a

By Dejan Lukic

This one was long enough on a shelf of doom, started this one three or four years ago and I just somehow stalled on it.

So after I finished last 109 decided to give this one a second chance.

Now I know lots of you guys consider this one to be one of the best Trumpeter models which it is but it just decided to battle with me.

I used Model Master Authentic Enamels RLM81/83/76 (it should be 81/82 but MM somehow mixed 82 and 83) and Vallejo varnishes.

Also used is a mix of kit and Kagero decals, missing werk nummer for tail but hope to find them in future, as I was very keen to this paint scheme.

I did not want to over done weathering effect, it is there but not so prominent on pictures.

Kit represents the mount of Gruppenadjutant Oblt. Gunther Wegmann, Stab III./JG7. Gunther Wegmann scored seven victories flying Me 262 and 14 in total.

© Dejan Lukic 2020

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