Tamiya 1/32 FAA Corsair

By Justin Ducharme

Twenty-three months ago I set out to build a FAA Corsair from a stock Tamiya kit. Shortly after reviewing my references I realized that it wasn't going to be as easy a task as I thought. After countless hours of research and planning I was ready to go with tons of resin and AM stuff. The subject is a Corsair MK.II from the Royal Navy; I decided to build this airplane because it's a little different than the standard Corsair coloring. I attempted to add, and correct as many things as I could, but surely someone will find something obvious that could be missing. I used the amazing "Time Capsule Fighter 433" book as reference. I built this airplane for my wife, as it's her favorite airplane (and because she'd support the hundreds of hours of work).


Scratch / Mods

Paint / Markings

Build time: 23 months.

I hope you folks can enjoy this as much as I did. All photos were taken by my good friend Chuck Sawyer (chuck540z3), thanks buddy!

© Justin Ducharme 2019

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