I.D. Models 1/32 Westland Wyvern

By Steve Oakson

This is the ID vacuform kit.

The cockpit interior started with a highly modified Squadron Hunter resin interior. The injection seat is from that set with modifications. The canopy was incorrect in outline, so I made a new master and vacuformed a new canopy.

The landing gear is from the Fisher Sea Fury and has been modified to represent the Wyvern landing gear. The wheel cover was easily scratched up to give a correct wheel cover.

The prop blades were redone in resin with the help of Darren Roberts (Steel Beach). The spinner was reshaped for a better outline and cut into segments to better reflect counter rotating parts.

The wings were the worst part of this project. The outline wasn’t too bad, but getting the dihedral set was a bear. I had tried to use CA glue to strengthen the joints. When I flooded the joints with the glue I followed up with accelerator. Unfortunately the heat generated caused the wings to take on the form of a sick albatross with its wings dragging the ground. LESSON learned. After basically a total rebuild the wings were satisfactory. Many details were added to the wings- lights, gear well, separated flying surfaces, and aerodynamic fences.

After rebuilding the vertical and horizontal tail surface the fuselage was completed and joined to the wings. Underwing drop tanks and rockets - from Fisher - were added afterwards. Exhausts were made from aluminum tubing.

Model Master and Tamiya Paints were use to represent the FAA color scheme at the time. Suez Crisis stripes were added and decals were sourced from Fisher, Xtradecals, and others from the extras box.

Hope you like it. This has always been one my favorite planes. I think I have over the years built every kit of it.

© Steve Oakson 2019

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