Special Hobby 1/32 Yak-3

By Bob Laskodi

This kit is a tough build (typical limited run) but if you want a LSP Yak, well, this is your only choice. Places to watch out for are the wheel bays, canopy, forward upper engine cowl, and the wing/fuselage attachment (none of them fit!). I was originally going to do a ton of weathering on this, but after all the fit problems, massive putty, and sanding, I pretty much lost interest and just wanted to finish the darn thing. Painted with MRP (aka Mr Paint), which is exceptional paint, AMT-7, 11, & 12. Done OOB with kit decals.

© Bob Laskodi 2017

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This article was published on Monday, September 11 2017; Last modified on Monday, September 11 2017