Revell 1/32 Me 262B-1/U-1 "Red 10"

By Michał Jurczak

Revell's new night Schwalbe. Unfortunately it is not a "shake and bake" kit. Panels near the radio operator seat requires work to fit into cockpit sides. All plastic parts needs a little bit of cleaning before gluing, not everything fits nice. Instrument panel should be lower to not interfere with front part of canopy. Clear parts must be polished because of nasty bubbles on the surface. Fortunately kit is a very nice (some say best) representation of Me 262.


I added some cables here and there and riveted surface. Pitot tube is made form syringe needles. I used Tamiya paints, Gunze Gun Chrome and C08 Silver, Alclad on drop tanks, MIG rigging for antenna wire, oil paints and Tamiya weathering master set.

© Michał Jurczak 2017

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This article was published on Thursday, June 08 2017; Last modified on Thursday, June 08 2017