Revell 1/32 Griffon Spitfire Conversions

By Jim Brown

Here are a few pictures of my recently built Mk XII and my Mk XIV Griffon Spitfires. The build of the Mk XIV has already been posted. I did not photograph the build of the Mk XII as I built both of these models around the same time and have just finished both. The conversions of both are available from my eBay shop. The host kit is the Revell Mk IIA. I used this kit as it is relatively sound and accurate in size etc and readily available and is very cheap, although the conversion can built with any Spitfire kit with any necessary alterations being made. I intend to make a lowback (bubbletop) Mk XIV next. This conversion is almost completed.

© Jim Brown 2017

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This article was published on Saturday, January 28 2017; Last modified on Saturday, January 28 2017