Matchbox 1/32 Bf 109E

By Brian Cauchi


Kit cockpit with Verlinden upgrade. I intended going to town with detail, opening up the engine bay etc, but the kit was so old that the plastic was brittle and kept breaking. I then decided to just close it all up and build it as simple as possible.

Main Assembly

Undercoat stage following the stressed skin effect and riveting. Many parts like the oil coolers are mostly scratchbuilt.

Painting Stage

Diorama Elements

Here are the other things used in the small diorama: the figures, staff car and trees.

Finished Diorama

Here are the final photos of the project and the photo which inspired me to do this diorama. Of course there is some artistic license in my work. The trees are not the same and neither is the terrain. There is no model for the type of staff car in the photo and the one I used was the closest I could find. The car is from Italeri and the figures are from Master Box. Everything else is home made.

© Brian Cauchi 2016

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