Airfix 1/24 Messerschmitt Bf 109E

By Brian Cauchi


As usual work starts from the cockpit and this is mostly scratchbuilt including the aluminium rudder pedals. The seat is from the kit, seat belts are from Radu Brinzan and if I remember correctly the instruments are from airscale. All the rest, as you can see is scratchbuilt.

Corrections to the Cowl and Underside

The brick red is an automotive primer/filler from a make called Plasticote. I normally buy the grey one and it comes in a spray can. But this time I did not find the grey and that was the next best colour.

Process is as follows:

Wheel Well Details

The wheel well sides were made from Milliput and detailed with plastic bits and pieces. The aluminium warping looks very evident on the wings' underside.

Radiators and Leading Edge Slats

Radiators are corrected kit parts. Also detailed. Aluminium sheeting was mostly used. The leading edge slats are totally made of aluminium sheeting.


The kit tyres were vinyl and so they were replaced with Milliput tyres. Replaced wheel doors with sheet aluminium. Hydraulic lines and other details added.

New Spinner

The spinner was pointed for the aircraft I want to depict, i.e "white 12" flown by Joachim Muncheberg. The tip was made from Milliput.


Then the masks generously supplied by Montex. I sent them photos of the actual aircraft and some colour profiles and they made me these fantastic masks. There are no decals at all on the model everything is sprayed on.

The Completed Model

This is the complete model. The pilot is scratchbuilt from Milliput except for the head and one of the hands which come from the kit pilot.

© Brian Cauchi 2016

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