Trumpeter 1/32 Su-25K - Red 44 Chechnya Veteran

By Nicolas Renoult

The add-ons are the Aires cockpit, Aires exhausts, Aires wheel bays, Fisher wheels, "I-dont-remember-the-name-but-it-is-a-Korean-on-eBay" pitot tubes (great!), and a Linden Hill decal sheet. I have made every little switches in the cockpit with thin copper wire, as the originals in resin very loved to be broken.

I have also made a little scratch inside the open engine bay, and made in resin the flare launchers at the rear of the engine nacelles as the ones provided in the kit are awful and not usable (big seem between the flares holes).

I have also enhanced the rocket pod, pouring resin in the head cones, drilling again every hole (a pain), putting liquid putty inside the little holes in order to have something as smooth as possible, and then drilling it again. It was long and boring, but it's worth it compared with the OOB rocket pods.

Indoor Photos

Outdoor Photos

Here is the link to the build thread:

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