Williams Bros. 1/32 Curtiss Sparrowhawk

By Eric Galliers

I purchased this kit from a recent swap meet and thought that I would have a go at building it completely from the box as the manufacturer intended. The instructions called for some extra details to be added from stretched sprue, which I added in the spirit of keeping the model as basic as possible. I also wanted to try and follow the rules of the `Single media' category at our local show, something which I usually struggle at doing! I restored all raised detail to the kit before painting it using stretched sprue, and any additional panel lines were added using a lead pencil or very thin strips of decals.

Additions called for in the instructions (made from stretched sprue from the kit):

Additions made to the kit (Allowable under our local rules):

Finished as per the box top with aftermarket decals due to the kit ones being perished.

The box top. I would love to know the story behind this kit. How many modelers hands has the kit passed through? how long has it been stashed for before I got stuck into it? I am sure it would have many stories to tell.

© Eric Galliers 2016

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This article was published on Sunday, October 30 2016; Last modified on Sunday, October 30 2016