HK Models 1/32 Civilian Restored B-25 - Maid in the Shade

By Olivier Beaumont

This B-25 represents "Maid in the Shade", currently part of the Commemorative Air Force in Arizona. The model used a bit of aftermarket products such as the usual Eduard PE sheets, AMS props, Brassin wheels, brass gears and turned barrels for the .50s.

A few weeks ago I visited the IPMS Belgium annual contest and I met a very enthusiastic guy who sells electronic components to light up our models. They have a website at I'm a flight sim user and along the way I build my real size 1/1 F-16 cockpit which is full of electronics as well. So I thought why not try to merge the two hobbies and put some electronics in that B-25.

It has been quite an experience for me. I learned that putting electronic in a model clearly increases the chances of the model finishing on the shelf of doom. I made a lot of bad decisions on this one and I reached the limit of my workbench space with such a large model.

For more details, please check out the build thread for this model in the forums.

Engines off

Engines on

The base has three switches. One for the left engine, one for the right engine and one for all the lights.

The separate switches for the engines allow to have different starting engine configurations.

And since action is hardly seen on pictures, here's a quick and dirty video of the props and lights on the model:

© Olivier Beaumont 2016

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