Tamiya 1/32 French Navy Corsair

By Matt Porter

With my new found interest in heavy weathering I thought I would try my hand with a well-worn French navy F4U Corsair. It's based on the awesome Tamiya kit, and I know it's not quite right for the French variant but I'm no scratch builder but didn't want that to stop me! I did though replace the prop with a 4-bladed one from a Hasegawa P-47 and I polished the frame lines out of the canopy and to me it looks close enough.

Weathering was achieved with Maskol chipping and silver pencil. I did oil dot highlight and shading and various Mig products for random stains etc. Toughest part were the exhaust stains which took several attempts. Oh and snapping a main gear leg when I dropped it near the end of the build wasn't funny either!

© Matt Porter 2016

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This article was published on Saturday, July 09 2016; Last modified on Saturday, July 09 2016