Trumpeter 1/32 USMC Harrier

By Tom Crayne

As you can see this is a RAF Harrier GR7 kit in USMC markings. Yes, I made a mistake, but then again USMC did purchase all of the retired jump jets from England recently, so we might see something similar soon. Anyway, you all have read about the problem of this kit, but I didn't wanted that to discourage me as I wanted to build one and have fun, so I did. The kit does require quite a bit of work but in the end it build into a great looking kit and I'm glad I build it. The Aires cockpit was a drop in fit with very little sanding needed and Wolfpack air scoops needed a lot of work. Go figure! Of course, I'm kidding. They were direct replacement for the kit part on top. Again, as all my models of late, I painted this using Tamiya paint. Over all it was a fun project and I'm looking forward to building another one. Yes, it will be a correct version of USMC jet.

© Tom Crayne 2016

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This article was published on Wednesday, June 22 2016; Last modified on Wednesday, June 22 2016