HK Models 1/32 Do 335A

By John Bardwell

I decided to build this as a "in service" fighter bomber instead of doing one of the standard "cookie cutter" schemes. Paints used were Testor's Model Master and White Ensign. The black undersides are a mix of flat black and flat white to get more of a scale effect. Decals are a combination of kit decals and decals I scrounged from my decal collection. After the painting and decaling was finished I oversprayed everything with Alclad Semi Matt. The underwing bomb racks and bombs are from my spares box. After market items are FineMolds seat belts, Quick Boost gunsight, Eduard instrument panel and console details and G-Factor main gear. One thing you want to be aware of if you use the G-Factor gear is that some of the locating holes for the gear retraction mechanism, etc are NOT there. You will have to either drill those out or, as I did, just remove some of the locating pins on the kit parts and cement them in place. This was necessary in my build because I did not notice the locating holes weren't there before I glued the gear legs in place. Ain't no way you can drill those brass legs after they are attached to the model. This was a enjoyable build and I really hope you guys like it.

© John Bardwell 2016

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This article was published on Sunday, June 19 2016; Last modified on Sunday, June 19 2016