Trumpeter 1/32 Su-30MKK

By Tom Crayne

This is a beast of a size jet and it shows in this scale. I was in an awe when I first opened the box and looked a the two (upper and lower) fuselage parts. They are almost the entire length of the box. I had seen the Wolfpack decals covering the Indian Air Force Special scheme Sukhoi and I knew I need to build one. It's such an impressive scheme who wouldn't. The build was straight forward with minor issues here and there but over good. The only problem I encountered was the pylon mounting wholes/pins did not match each other. No big deal and it was an easy fix. Tamiya paints were used through out the build and I had to mix little bit of Tamiya red and orange to get the red hue that resembled the color that was painted on the Indian jet. Wolfpack decals are nice and thin, but word of advice when applying the large wheel markings on the top of the spine. Just because of the curves of the spine and the thin nature of the decals it was difficult to move this part around to where it should go. It tore at couple of places but I was able to save it. Other than that it was a great build. I love this jet and its the boldest looking subject in my collection now. And did I mention huge!

© Tom Crayne 2016

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This article was published on Friday, June 17 2016; Last modified on Friday, June 17 2016