Italeri 1/32 Mirage IIIC Djibouti 1984

By Henrik Redin

This is my Mirage IIIC from Italeri. It took about 1 month to finish and I had to tell you that it isn't that good as their F-104. Many fitting errors. The worst part was the seam between the nose and fuselage.The nose cone is really bad in shape. I also figure out that i had to glue the wing parts to the fuselage before joining fuselage halves together and to move the wheel wells. Otherwise the wings did not fit very well.

Besides that it went together pretty good.

Model Factoid:

And some scratched build parts (F.O.D covers, inside front windshield frames with instruments and cables and front and fuselage pitot probes).

For paint I have used Gunze acrylics in various colors for the paint scheme. Alclad II.

© Henrik Redin 2016

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